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“I have used Champions Title Services for multiple transactions.  I will certainly continue utilizing their services.  Their staff is knowledgeable and very efficient.  They also provide an excellent atmosphere for closings.”

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Why Champion’s Title?

We are owned and operated by Stacy Kemp, Esq. with Kemp & Ruge Law Group and work directly with her to address any title problems or questions associated with your closing.  Because of this we can almost always find a way around any “title” related hiccup you may come across. At the end of the day, Title Insurance is just like any other insurance, and you don’t want to trust your investment with just any cut rate company.  The difference in title insurance is that your home is usually the biggest investment you will make in your lifetime. With that said, it may be worth paying a slightly higher price for the personal service and attention so many industries are lacking these days.  This is your home, your investment, maybe even your livelihood. Make sure you are in the hands of a long trusted and highly experienced title company and not just an individual insurance agent with limited abilities. Champion’s Title Services does its best to be as competitive as possible when it comes to closing costs or title insurance fees.  We provide all of our clients with preliminary HUD-1 statements prior to closing to ensure that all costs and fees are disclosed upfront. PLEASE, call us for a quote today!!!

What can a full service title company do for me?

Many title companies will claim to be “full service” but in reality they are limited to what they can do because they are an individual agent and not an actual attorney. Our law firm is at liberty to negotiate a “short sale” or a sales contract on your behalf.  If you are the buyer, and you are having to use another title company that the seller chose, we can actually review the contract, title commitment, settlement statement and closing documents to make sure you are fully protected and that the other title company has done everything correctly. If you are the seller, or listing agent, trust your closing (and livelihood) with an attorney from the beginning.  Don’t ever be in a position where the title company you are using says “Sorry, we can’t handle that for you.  You need to consult the advice of attorney”.  We can handle that for you, because we are a law firm. WE are full service because we can handle contract negotiations, short sales, “buyer side only” closings, quiet title actions and foreclosure defense.  If you are a builder or an investor, we can assist with your articles of incorporation, land platting, HOA incorporation & declarations, etc.  If you are a foreclosure investor and want to buy a property at a courthouse auction, call us first.  It’s important for you to know what’s on title before you buy at auction or finish paying for the property. Champion’s Title Services is a real deal, full service title company.

Why do I need title insurance?

You need title insurance because there is an infinite number of circumstances than can affect title. Meaning under any one of the following circumstances, an individual or entity can actually file a law suit and threaten your ownership or interest in the property.

These circumstances can include but are not limited to:

1. Lost heirs or interest(s) in the property – meaning if any of the deeds in the previous chain of title are not executed, acknowledged or recorded correctly, it can leave a loophole for a prior owner or descendant of an owner to make a claim and challenge your ownership or interest in the property.

2. Unsatisfied, incorrectly satisfied or illegally satisfied mortgages, encumbrances, and liens in the back chain of title.– an easy way to describe this …is it protects you against “FRAUD” a good example of fraud – is people that have illegally filed a satisfaction to a mortgage with the intent of securing new financing and running with the money. The mortgage was never actually paid off. Should you decide not to pay for title insurance, and you buy that property, you can now expect to pay for that mortgage.

3. Municipal liens – some liens are not recorded of public record. Meaning if you buy a property at a foreclosure auction and no title insurance is provided – you can expect to pay for someone else’s code enforcement, utility, open permit problems, and/or paving assessment debts before you will be able to flip or sell the house.

4. Boundary line disputes, sinkhole properties – very common inPascoCounty. Above all other reasons to have a professional title search done – is to make sure there have been no “notice of sinkhole” documents filed against the very property you are thinking about purchasing. I’m sure that’s enough said on this subject.

5. Judgments and ” keeping up with the Jones’ ” – as you probably know many people do not live within their means and in today’s economy they are facing judgments for significant credit card debt. Many people cannot or will not pay their child support, alimony or federal tax liens. These judgment liens, if filed correctly, do not leave the property when the previous owner signs off on the deed. No title insurance, means no protection against someone else’s responsibilities. Simple as that.

This is just a handful of reasons to purchase title insurance. Just like any other insurance, you do not want to be in a position where you need it and don’t have it. You could be facing an extreme amount of attorney’s fees if you ever have to defend your ownership in a law suit. Not only that, but you could and probably will loose just on the very fact that your chose not to do a title search and purchase the insurance; therefore your responsibility of due diligence as a buyer wasn’t met. Owner’s Title Insurance is a one time premium (usually paid by the seller) and will protect you for the entire time you own your home. InFloridait is customary for the seller to pay for the Owner’s Title insurance and in most cases it was purchased for you when you bought the property. If you are about to purchase a property….then that premium should be on line 1103 of your settlement statement and charged to the seller.

Real Estate Closing Overview

A closing is defined as “a meeting of all parties involved in a property transaction during which pertinent documents are signed and transferred, and funds are distributed.” Typically, it is handled by a closing agent, either a title insurance company or an attorney, and will last approximately 45 to 60 minutes.

The closing agent will begin preparation for your closing shortly after you sign your contract. A request for payoff information is sent for existing mortgages, as well as a request for any information regarding homeowners or condominium association dues and/or transfer fees.

If a new mortgage is being obtained, the closing agent will work closely with the new lender to make sure that all of the lender’s closing requirements are met.

A title exam is ordered to verify the seller’s right to transfer ownership, and to discover any outstanding mortgages, liens, restrictions, easements, etc., which may affect the property. A title commitment will then be issued to show any matters reflected in the title exam, as well as a determination of the documents needed to properly transfer the title of the property to the buyer.

The closing agent will also work closely with the lender and Realtors to coordinate the ordering of the termite inspection, survey, homeowner’s insurance and flood insurance, if applicable. When the lender has received all required documents from the buyer and the loan has been approved, the closing agent will schedule the date and time for the closing with all parties. The lender will prepare a closing package consisting of the loan closing instructions, fees charged in connection with the new loan, and any loan documents to be delivered to the closing agent. The closing agent will then prepare all of the necessary closing documents, including a closing statement outlining all costs associated with the transfer of ownership as well as fees charged in connection with the new loan.

Copies of the closing statement are usually faxed to the lender and Realtors, if any. If the closing agent has been provided a fax number for buyer and/or seller, they may also receive a copy. The buyer must bring a cashier’s check to closing made payable to Champions Title Services, LLC. The seller will also be advised of the proceeds of the sale of the property. The closing typically takes place in the closing agent’s office. The closing agent, buyer, seller and any Realtors sit around a table together while the closing agent explains the closing statement as well as other closing documents. When all of the documents have been signed, including the deed, and the buyer has given the cashier’s check to the closing agent, the seller receives his or her proceeds from the sale.

After the closing, the closing agent sends the original deed and mortgage to the courthouse for recording. The completed loan package is sent to the lender. All remaining funds are disbursed according to the settlement statement, including mortgage payoffs. The owner’s and lender’s title policies are issued when the deed and mortgage are returned to the closing agent after recording.

If you’re buying or selling a home or you’re a realtor or lender and need a title company to do your closing, Champion’s Title serves any county throughout the state of Florida. Champion’s Title is located in Trinity, Florida convenient to New Port Richey, Holiday, Port Richey, Hudson, Palm Harbor, East Lake, Tarpon Springs, Clearwater, Land O’ Lakes, Tampa and other surrounding areas. We can also do mobile or “mail away” closings when needed.

Should you have any title related questions or need immediate assistance, please call one of our “on call” professionals anytime 24 hours a day at: (727) 264-2394.